17 March 2013

Planning Meetings

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Let's continue our journey forward with discussion of Planning Meetings

  • Schedule should be finalized well in advance (as far as possible) because if it is kept open, participants may fill up their schedule with other things. This may lead to deferment of meeting resulting in delay in execution of connected tasks.
  • It is useful to add meeting schedule in your mobile calendar too lest you forget.
  • Agenda of meeting should be defined and shared with all participants ahead of meeting. Also all participants should be asked to be aware of the latest progress on all things that are part of agenda. Otherwise time is lost when during meeting participants start searching for emails, referring to latest documents etc.
  • Date/Time/Agenda/ Venue are the fundamental components of a meeting
  • Key points discussed should be jotted along side. Sometimes, it may not possible to do so due to various factors. To make up for it, immediately post meeting, whole session should be reviewed in mind and notes should be documented. This process can be done even if notes have been taken during meeting. Some new points are likely to surface.  Notes should be shared with other participants also for reference and their inputs.
  • Relevant document name should be given like Meeting <key agenda point> on <date>. Top of the document should contain details like date/time/agenda/ venue /duration/participants followed by notes. Key decisions, unresolved issues should be highlighted under appropriate header. 
  • One of the important things to do post meeting is updating Tasks, Expecting/Pending list to reflect the discussion in meeting 
  • It is not just enough to create the Meeting document ; you should review the notes in future also while executing the dependant tasks. This ensures that fine points don't just remain embedded within document but are actually used to execute tasks correctly
We hope above points help you get more out of your meetings
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Aman Preet Singh

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